Tuesday, December 25, 2012

It's a Miracle...

That's right, folks--it's a Chrimbus miracle. I'm still here, dammit. I'm glad I could make it for another holiday season with Jim and Jason. It's been a crazy year, from my cancer to all the crazy shenanigans here at home and at work.

We started the celebrations by giving me a bath on Christmas Eve Eve. It felt good knowing I'd be fresh and clean for all the celebrations.

My stocking was chock full of surprises--Frango mints, toys, and a book...I got lots of things for Jim and Jason, too. It was my way of telling them how much I love 'em. Thought I must admit this year was a lot harder wrapping presents. I had gift wrap departments help me whenever possible...

Of course, this is probably my favorite part of the holiday season:

I hope everyone has a good holiday. It's been real, folks. Now let's get ready to get crunk and crazy on New Year's Eve...!

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