Monday, May 24, 2010

Are you with me, Doctor Wu?

So Amy asked for a photo of me in my Flashdance t-shirt. Here it is.

For those of you who didn't know, I had a little surgery recently to remove a benign lil' tumor on my side. Rather than have me wear a cone around my neck (oh, the indignity) and risk smothering to death (oh, the humanity) Jason and Jim took this old t-shirt from a teddy bear and put it on me to keep me from gettin' at my stitches.

Yeah, it's kind of scoop-necked and knotted at one side for a better fit. And you can't see the front, but there's this cartoon of a motorcycle biker on it and the words "Highway Boogie". It used to belong to Jason's older brother Dewey when he was a lil' kid, then it got put on the teddy bear, and now I got the chance to wear it for a while.

Luckily the stitches are out and I can give the shirt back to its rightful owner.

In family news, Jason's been getting a lot of work lately, and Jim's still trying to figure it all out. They're going to take a few days off soon and I'm looking forward to hanging out with little cousin Johnny, who we don't see as often as we should. Watch out, Castro...we'll be tearing it up at night.

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