Saturday, July 17, 2010

Soy un perdedor...I'm a loser, baby

Yeah, I need my reading glasses these days...I'm not getting any younger, right?

So what's been going on? "Same sh**, different day," as Jason likes to say. He's been working hard with both his dayjob and his side business. Jim's been stressed out at work again--let's just say the writing's on the wall over at his office.

The weekends have been nice here in the city, more or less, but we all still miss the crazy heat wave of last year. I personally miss having our friend Jen D. around in the neighborhood 'cause she was such a good cat sitter...but we're trying to convince some other friends to move close by.

Jason's mother had a medical scare recently, and for some reason Jim's family keeps sending him news and clippings of his childhood acquaintances who have died. Strange days.

But I guess nothing's too strange when you're living in a house full of Runnicles.

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