Saturday, May 8, 2010

The boys are back, the boys are back in town!

Holy f***ing sh**, I'm back.

Did you miss me?

A few months ago, Jason, Jim, and I sat down and had a long talk about our family website, (don't try and access it--it doesn't exist anymore.) Jason had branched out and was doing his own thing with his design blog. Jim wasn't really using the site for his own work and tried his own hand at blogging--it didn't work out. In the end, I was the only one really using it, so we decided to just scrap it and go our separate ways, web-wise.

Now don't get all sad, it's not like we were the Beatles or anything (but if we were, you know I'd be John. Jason'd be George Harrison 'cause he's kind of enigmatic. And Jim'd be Ringo, just because.) In the end, I knew it'd be best if I found something easier to use than our old Mac-based website. I mean really, I'm a cat on the go. I can't be bogged down by a single platform like that. If I'm in Bangkok, I want to be able to keep y'all updated with my adventures! I needed something entirely web-based, so I decided to start something new on Blogger. Now it doesn't if I'm in Iceland. Or the Phillipines. Or this place...

Yes, the two-year archive of my old blogs are gone and probably won't get re-posted on this site. But sometimes fresh starts are good. I'll keep everyone updated on what's happening with Jim, Jason, and the rest of the cast.

So far everything's the same, except we're all getting fatter. With the warmer weather, though, Jason's back to crippling himself with daily runs and Jim's cutting back on the beer. I've been riding my bike to my North Beach writers' group instead of scootin' around on my Vespa and taking an extra Jazzercise class whenever I can. I mean really, a cat's gotta stay slim, right?

Hope everyone is enjoying the sun as much as I am. I look forward to chronicling more family adventures this summer.

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  1. Chino, can you post a picture of you in your t-shirt?