Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's late in the day...


Well, kids, September's over. What the f*ck happened?

To recap, Jason and Jim went off to Santa Cruz for a friend's wedding and had a lot of fun staying at the new Hotel Paradox. Jason in particular had a lot of fun, mixing booze with Benadryl (since something there kept making him sneeze) and caffeine. Junkie whore. Jim just got sloshed, like he usually does. But they all had a good time. I chillaxed with my pimp friend Ronnie.

A few weeks before that I had a good follow up with my vet. This bald patch caused by my cancer had grown back, and my weight was steady. I said triumphantly, "Cancer, you're MY bitch today!" And if the boys were counting down the days till they inherit my fortune...well sorry, chumps. Ya gotta wait a little bit longer now!

Other than that, it's been about the same--painkillers, IV fluids, soap operas, magazines. But I have been tracking this mouse that's invaded the house. Your days are numbered, bitch...

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