Sunday, June 19, 2011

Take a run at the sun...

Well, the boys went down to Palm Springs over Memorial Day weekend and saw firsthand the legacy I left behind in the '50s, '60s, and '70s. I was glad they made the pilgrimage, since Jim had never been and Jason hadn't been for over eight years. They worked on their tans (at least Jason did) and partied down with friends, even crashing a plastic L.A. pretty boy party which left them emotionally scarred.

Now that they've got friends living there, I'm sure they'll visit more often. Heck, with the cheap real estate prices there, they might even snatch up a little place for weekend getaways. I'd certainly like that, laying out in the sun with some cocoa butter and a highball.

Speaking of laying out in the sun, that's just what Jason and I are doing this weekend, since Jim's off in New York visiting old college friends and soaking up some humidity with his dry humor. It's been nice relaxing with Jim and Jason now that Jason's crazy time at work has slowed down. Of course, Jim's work schedule is ramping up now. Sometimes it's like we just can't win and have both of the boys relaxing at the same time.


At least July 4th should be a nice weekend. Unless of course some crazy parties happen, in which case I'll be hiding under the bed. Or just maybe I'll come out and pour the champagne myself!

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