Monday, May 23, 2011

It's a cruel, cruel summer...

Whaddup, bitches? I know I've been flying under the radar for a while now, but a whole lot's been happening. In March, Jason turned the big 3-5 and the three of us had to celebrate with lots of drinking. Part of it was to make up for all the work Jason had to deal with at work (just the opposite for Jim, whose office has been flowing like molasses.)

At the start of April, they went to New York again to visit friends and have some more fun:

And then Jason got cast in a new movie based on the novel by man with his same birthday, Jack Kerouac. It was all going so well until he had to go to the ER...

Jason's nose wouldn't stop bleeding for over four hours, and Jim and I were worried. The doctors in the hospital tried just about everything and found the oldest solution worked best: cocaine soaked in gauze, shoved up the nose.

(Umm, I did say Jason had the same birthday as Jack Kerouac, right? Jack, as well as Liza Minelli and James Taylor and a lesser Jackson brother. Basically, he's destined for rehab soon...)

Anyhow, one of the earlier treatments (which didn't work) was chemical cauterization, which left horrible black scarring around his face. We were all traumatized--and Jason was freaking out 'cause he had to shoot this movie the next week! Luckily, it all came peeling off in a few days and Jason made it to Carmel and Big Sur just fine. He made some new friends and found a new watering hole, Flanagan's Irish Pub.

Jim and I wish we could have been there, but alas we were stuck here at home while Jason hobnobbed with the stars.

Anyhow, Jim recently celebrated his birthday a few weeks ago and to make up for working (filming) during the month, Jason's taking him to Palm Springs. I'm going to stay behind and make sure everything's taken care of at home. I mean, I've done the White Party this year already--why go back?


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