Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Design For Life...

Well I'm a little late, but Happy New Year, b*tches! As 2010 came to an end, things for Jason, Jim an' me ramped up considerably. Jason not only auditioned for a TV show, but he also got cast in a funny commercial for HP (I made a few calls to my pals the Weinsteins) and Jim had some of his work published in an anthology (which immediately sold out of its first printing) and did a reading up in Petaluma.

How's that for a way to end the year?

I did some work, too. Mostly helping this fat white man dress up in a red costume and fly around on a magic sled, delivering toys and presents to people around the world. That's right, I bring joy to the world.

If Christmas was crazy-busy with friends and family and celebrating (visits to Modesto, visits to friends in nursing homes, the annual Christmas Eve dinner with the Jews), New Year's Eve was a quiet affair. The three of us stayed home and drank wine and played Scrabble. (Sometimes I wish Dick Clark would take a cue from me and just retire...)

Even though the year was technically winding down, for the three of us things were really taking off: Jason was getting busier at Ye Olde Dayjobbe (no rest during the holidays over there), and Jim stayed home for a week to get his own work done. I guess we needed a quiet New Year's Eve to prepare for a busy 2011. This month has Jason running around trying to finish a rush project at work, and Jim's been dealing with some changes at his office too. I started my North Beach writers' group again, so now I have to wake up early and zip across the city twice a week on my Vespa. (Wait, did I just say Dick Clark should retire like me? Whoops, I spoke too soon. Again.)

It never ends, I tell ya. It never ends...

Alright, 2011. We're ready for ya.

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  1. Chino, it's been so long. You look very dashing, and who are those lovely ladies on your arm? Did you get caught can canoodling? With a woman? You're incorrigible.