Sunday, October 31, 2010

When you were young and your heart was like an open book, you used to say, "Live and let live..."

Whoa--Jason just reminded me that October is nearly over and that I haven't updated y'all on the Runnicles yet this month.

Well, what to say? We've been busy. This whole month has been full of all sorts of social events every weekend: The Castro Street Fair, Aimee Mann at Yoshi's, our friend Sylvia's annual Hula show at the Palace of Fine Arts, The Trashcan Sinatras, Jason's little cousin's birthday party at Bruno's, and a spooky Halloween party at the historic Haas-Lilienthal Mansion.

For those of you who know Jason and Jim, this is uncommon. They are not social butterflies. But when the occasion rises, they can party just as hard as Pierre and Maggie Trudeau at Studio 54. (Boy, those were the days. Halston and I would hang out in a corner booth while the waiters would pour us champagne funneled through their abs. Good times.)

In addition to all this, Jason's been busy as hell with his Retrograde work, going up to Sacramento to finish up a family home as well as wrapping up another single gal's maxi-pad. Last night was the first weekend night he and Jim and I had together at home all month, so we got some fried chicken to-go from Home and watched the Project Runway finale. Ah, simple pleasures...

Jason's been working really hard with his side business. He's tired enough after the day job, but I tell him that he's got to stick with it if he wants to succeed. I mean, I was hanging out with David Hicks and Yves Saint Laurent back in the day in Marrakech, burning the candle at both ends with my writings on design. I wanted to be successful and get my book published, so I didn't take a break until Keith Richards showed up one day and slipped me some powerful recreational substances. Before I knew it, I had slept through the rest of the '70s and woke up in a club somewhere in the '80s doing coke off of Grace Jone's gleaming black a**. Needless to say, my book was lost.

So I guess the big lesson is to work hard in your creative endeavors, and stay the f*** away from Keith Richards if he offers you anything.

Jim, on the other hand, is also ending the month with some good news. He's going to be published in the Santa Fe Review soon! As for my advice to him...I'd just say don't spend too much time in Interzone.

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