Thursday, December 1, 2011

Who let the dogs out?

Well, November was just a sh*t show--sorry for the language. Things started out badly when Jason found out his identity had been stolen. Some douchebag hacked into the Innernets to get his info and tried to go hog wild at Best Buy, KMart, and any other place that would grant instant credit based on a fake ID and a poor schmuck's Social Security number.

This country is f*cked up to allow that kind of sh*t to take place. All three of us were ready to take the law into our own hands, like Joe Don Baker in Walking Tall, hunting down the motherf**ker and his lowlife ring of ID thieves with baseball bats and power tools.

Jason had this fantasy of having to prove his identity with his thief in the same room at some police station. Jason was going to bust out the actor card with, "Look me up on IMDB, bitch!"

Anyhow, other than that, Jim started a new job within his current company and is liking the change of pace. He gets to work from home occasionally (like this week, while we're having work done on the house), which I really like. We get to hang out and I can sleep on his lap while he screams on the phone and throws his laptop around. It's fun!

In November, Jim and Jason got to Winnie-sit again. That cat is a lush and an overeater. Really, I don't know how she stays so thin. Bitch.

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